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We just love shaved ice!

For us, shaved ice is love.  I first fell in love with it as a kid.  It was that fun treat I got to have with dad when I did something good.  As a passionate cook and foodie, I later fell in love with the textures and flavors you could get from something so simple if you just used quality ingredients and techniques.  I was hooked!  I traveled the world in search of the best flavors, textures, and ingredients.  During that time, a businessman wanted to meet with me about putting my shaved ice in his shop.  He wasn't there when I arrived but a nice young girl named Brittani was.  We chatted for a few minutes and later that week she came and made shaved ice on the truck with me.  So lastly, I fell in love while making shaved ice.  We've been together ever since and now I get to call her my wife!  All the love we've gotten from this experience, we hope to share with you when you come by!

- Dave & Britt  

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